Commercial holiday
We are here for you anyway!
We enjoy from 22nd July until 4th August 2019 commercial holidays. Our companies will remain open during this time, but with reduced occupancy.

Pick-ups at the Lehmann Holzwerk AG are possible during the holidays at the following times: 22nd to 26th July 2019, 7 to 12 AM and 1 to 4 PM

ATTENTION: On Monday, 22nd July we will not be available by telephone due to a technical change.

We ask you to consider this and thank you for your understanding.

We wish you relaxing holidays!
Wood and timber construction in all its variety
Since 1875
For five generations, we have been specialists for the resource wood and timber construction. We use wood on the Erlenhof fully and sustainably: from the sawmill to timber construction to the pellet production and the company's own biomass power plant.
News 2018
Projects and more around our companies
The latest issue of our News is ready - learn more about our projects at home and abroad. Take a look behind the scenes of our companies and discover what moved us in 2017.
The company
140 years and still going strong
2015 we celebrated our 140th birthday
We have streamlined our archives and published a book that reflects our history from its beginnings to today. The book tells stories about our various companies, our activities which became more and more versatile in recent years, and especially our ideals and our still family-based corporate culture.
Saw and planing mill
SmART Timber
Privacy screens, structure planed wood and 3D facades
The name says it all in the new product line from Lehmann Holzwerk AG: smart processing, design-conscious, creativity, intended for interior and exterior architecture. SmART Timber unites the themes of wood, design, art and architecture. The product line currently includes sight screens, structured wood and 3D facades.
You are looking for a new challenge?
We are (almost) always looking for talented people.
Are you looking for a professional challenge, and do you love working with wood used in construction? Would you like to tap into your true potential in a friendly environment that is in touch with tradition, but is also on the cutting edge of developments? Then you’ve come to the right place.
Timber construction

Hotel Kulm St. Moritz

Grandstand roofs
Timber construction

Cambridge Mosque

Timber construction for the senses
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